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Become your most empowered self.

I'm an empowerment coach, yoga teacher and reiki practitioner. My mission is to guide my clients to step into their full potential and power, so that they can live their lives in alignment and bliss. I'm specialized in mindfulness, shadow work & subconscious reprogramming and manifestation to help heal blockages, get clarity, and connect with your authentic self and true desires.

12 weeks of transformation

From Friction to Fulfillment

My 12 week 1:1 coaching program is aimed at those who feel stuck in life, lost on their purpose or simply need some support and guidance to create a more fulfilling and aligned path. Together we will work to release the friction and blockages which hold you back from living the life you truly desire. If you feel ready to commit to doing the work and showing up for yourself to create a profound shift in your life, this program is for you.

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My journey has taken me from friction and pain to a life in alignment and gratitude.

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